Who Should Inherit Your Home or Investment Properties?

Who Should Inherit Your Home or Investment Properties?

Make sure you include real estate in your estate plan

Anyone who owns real estate in the Plymouth, MA area should retain an estate planning attorney. After all, a carefully crafted estate plan can make your wishes clear to your loved ones and help protect your assets from being taxed heavily.

At the Law Office of Christopher Maccaferri, you can work with an estate planning attorney who has decades of experience. Attorney Maccaferri has been practicing real estate law since 1999. He'll use his knowledge of estate planning law to help you plan for the future.

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Let's discuss these real estate and estate planning matters

As a resident of the Plymouth, MA area, you can take advantage of...

  • Realty trusts
  • The Homestead Protection Act
  • Qualified personal residence trusts

Be sure to ask attorney Maccaferri about the tax implications of declaring a homestead or placing real estate in a trust.

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