Maintain A Respectful Community

Maintain A Respectful Community

Turn to us for landlord-tenant law help in Plymouth, MA

Are your tenants trashing your property? Did they wrongfully accuse you of harassment? Reach out to the Law Office of Christopher Maccaferri for legal help. Attorney Maccaferri practices landlord-tenant law in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Whether your tenants are being rowdy or are threatening you, trust him to stand up for your rights.

Call 508-747-2918 now to schedule a landlord-tenant law consultation in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

When to consult a landlord law attorney

Attorney Maccaferri has been practicing in the Housing Court since 1999. Rest assured he has the experience and skill needed to represent you. Hire a landlord law attorney in Plymouth, Massachusetts if:

  • A tenant refuses to pay rent
  • A tenant has violated your lease agreement
  • You’re evicting a tenant for the first time
  • You’re being investigated for illegal discrimination
  • You’re being sued for property damage
  • You’re being audited by the state

Don’t let unruly tenants disturb the peace in your community. Contact attorney Maccaferri today to learn more about landlord law in Plymouth, Massachusetts.